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Con Artist Goes Big Not Home

July 1th, 2019 - New York City - While galleries and alternative spaces continue to close, Con Artist doubles down and moves to a bigger space in Downtown Manhattan.

This relocation marks the first major undertaking of longtime studio artist and new owner Bradley Chetcuti.

Chetcuti learned of the imminent loss of Con Artist’s decade old space, and instead of closing up shop he filled his lungs with hope, embraced change, and reinvigorated the collective. Con Artist is to set solidify its commitment to supporting living artists, and help push a stagnant, polluted art scene forward. This move into a more ambitious space challenges artists to think bigger and hopes to bring a fresh collaborative energy to Con Artist.

“If you love your art, you risk everything for it. As artists we can’t be afraid of failure. Art is going through phenomenal changes right now. I want to embrace it, have some fun, and discover where we can take it. The new space gives us that opportunity.” - Bradley Chetcuti

Con Artist is building on the success of two intensive exhibition projects in a larger pop-up space, the ALL-STARS retrospective & Doc Hammer’s “The Black Ones.” These events were “inspiring, enlightening and reaffirmed our commitment to expansion” says Bradley. An expansion not just in physical scale, but in scope and mission. Con Artist is “excited to see what the future holds at 329 Broome Street.”

Located at the crossroads of SoHo, the Lower East Side, and Chinatown between Chrystie and Bowery, the new location shares a block with Jack Hanley, Bang Bang tattoo, and the soon-to-be Moxy Hotel. 329 Broome Street was previously home to a hub for socially innovative and thought-provoking experimental art. At Con Artist, the commercial gallery is transformed and guided by the artists themselves.

"It’s an incredible place and community with unlimited potential. As an artist who came to NYC with nothing in 2008, this place has truly changed my life. I love helping to show others how it could do the same for them." - Brandon Wisecarver

The new Con Artist facility, boasting over 3,000 square feet is perfect for creating and exhibiting artwork. It will feature a 2,000-square-foot exhibition hall with 17-foot ceilings, expanded studio space, and an on-site cafe and shop. Con Artist is now capable of supporting artists in ways it previously could only imagine. The game has changed, and the Con Artist Collective has changed it.

Con Artist is celebrating this milestone by hosting a month-long exhibition titled CONstitution, a group exhibition featuring over 100 works by the artists calling Con Artist home. The openning reception is July 4th.

To stay up-to-date on all things Con Artist, follow our instagram @conartistnyc.


Con Artist is an egalitarian and constantly evolving space where living artists work side-by-side to support and learn from one another. Con Artists hosts special events, collaborative group exhibitions, workshops and more. Con Artist is centrally located in downtown Manhattan at the crossroads of SoHo, Lower East Side, and Chinatown.

Con Artist Collective
Artists | Studio | Gallery
329 Broome St, New York, NY, 10002

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