Pictures have always told stories. The 1940s and ‘50s saw the Golden Age of Comics establish comics as an art-form the world over. With their vivid aesthetics, sequential cartoons communicate ideas in a way mere words cannot. Comics are now a mainstay of pop culture, infiltrating books, movies, video games, media far and wide. The main conduits are Comic Conventions.

CONICON (see what we did there?) is a group show featuring comics and Comic Con inspired art. Con Artist’s daring exploration ranges from superheroes and comic strips (POW!) to 3D characters (WHUMPH!) to manga (ドキン!) ...and beyond (BANG!). Juxtaposing eclectic works create curious and arresting narratives and open up new discussions about this genre of storytelling. CONICON opens the same week as New York Comic Con... Excelsior!

DATES: 10.09.2013 - 10.23.2013