Joining the collective as a studio member puts you at the heart of the action in the booming Lower East Side arts district. Access to our 3,000 square foot shared art studio at 119 Ludlow with personal storage and shared equipment. Extra showing opportunities via our monthly Resident's Showcase. On-site staff from 11am-7pm to assist you and provide feedback upon request. Work alongside accomplished artists working in all mediums and styles.

The collective holds regular workshops, skill-shares, life drawing sessions, and social mixers.

FREE TO APPLY // $400 a month

Studio Time: Business/Gallery hours /// 11am-7pm
Showcase Exhibition: Monthly - Week-long
Reception: Wednesdays, 7pm-11pm
$400/month - Unlimited Access


Meet some current studio residents:

Zinaida Kubar - Ukrainian multi-media artist. A political and provocative powerhouse.

In her art, Zinaida focuses on images and myths surrounding women's issues and the female identity in both Ukrainian and world culture. The artist appeals to sociocultural universals and archetypes traditionally associated with the theme of "women," while working at the intersection of contrasting genres in modern art (such as performance, installation, sculpture and video) and related practices (like set design, music, cinema and theater). Zinaida aptly balances her work at the juncture of historical symbolism and modernity. She uses traditional imagery, rituals and crafts to convey meanings that are relevant to a vibrant and fluid culture. Before embarking on her projects, the artist conducts in-depth cultural and ethnographic research, and meets and communicates with the bearers of archaic forms of knowledge and practices, rooting her work in the depth of human experience over generations.

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Jaouad Bentama - French born NYC-based artist. Con Artist Collective / Eternity Gallery

Jaouad Bentama is a French artist who was born and raised in Paris. There, he started painting at the tender age of 11 with Monsieur Pierrot, a neighbour he refers to as his “scary neighbour”. He dropped out of school to start a career as a painter, but could not enter to the Beaux Arts schools, neither find representation by a gallery in Paris. Art was his sole escape from a challenging reality. His work embodies a mix of emotions ranging from love to hate and from life to death and he leaves a piece of his soul onto each and every one of the canvases he creates. With that in mind, the rebel with a cause decided to move to New York in 2012, with the ambition to prove the world that talent knows no boundaries. As he points out, “Everything you can imagine is real”.

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Max Taylor - Award-winning photographer and multi-media artist.

Max is an award-winning photographer based in Brooklyn. His two favorite cities are Havana and NYC. Max likes motorcycles and scuba diving. He has mixed feelings about 3rd person narratives.

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