One Day Only Sunday March 27th 2016 5pm - 10pm

Following up on artist and curator A COLOR GREEN’s hybrid street art book release, The A Color Green Zine Vol. 1 “In Black and White” (2015), Never Blue (2016) picks up from where Green left off, curating a selection of some of New York’s finest up and coming independent, underground artists working in street art and illustration today.

Never Blue combines the experience and talents of Green’s last few years. Formally co­-published by Endless Editions and premiering exclusively in store alongside an all blue gallery exhibition of original work at Con Artist NYC on March 27th for one night only.

The Gallery show will include work from Con Artist Collective members & surprise guests. Featuring artwork by: A Color Green, Joe Capon, Abe Lincoln Jr., Joe Egan, Akiko, Justin Crawford, Anna Lindell, Kristy Elena, Anna D. Williams, Lauren Asta, Baily Crawford, Leaf 8k, Brolga, Maori Maori, CEEZ,  Miriam Carruthers, Chiar, Murrz, Chris RWK, Nyssa Frank, City Kitty Street Art, Ostertag, Damian Rivera, Seth Laupus, David Weiss, SL Graphic Design, Frank Ape, Stephen Faillace, Haus Riot, Tripp Jakovich, Victoria Montes, Jason Longo, Xbstrxct, Jcorp ™, Zero Productivity

PRESS: Brooklyn Street Art, Never Blue

All proceeds directly benefit future independent publishing of A COLOR GREEN, EndlessEditions and New York based artists