/// 7PM THURSDAY /// NOVEMBER 14TH 2019 ///

Con Artist Collective presents it's first solo artist exhibition at 329 Broome st: Jaouad Bentama - "DEEP"

Jaouad Bentama was born in Paris, between the doors of Saint Ouen and Clignancourt. The flea markets of France were his earliest playgrounds, regularly working alongside his father selling second-hand objects.

It was in this dusty and cluttered world of old artifacts that Jaouad Bentama first began altering found objects, creating small windows to otherworldly places. In 2012 he would manifest a window of opportunity. Jaouad decided to move to New York City to pursue the life of a full-time artist. Bentama now lives and works in NYC, and is driven by the bustle of the city. Bentama has become a preeminent member of the collective and we are proud to present this solo exhibition of his latest work.

His art gracefully combines painting and found objects in reference to the world of his childhood. Conceptually based in catharsis, his work animates the terrifying figures of his past in the service of a possible sublimation. The stuffed animals, objects and recurrent messaging used in his paintings evoke a disturbing imaginary journey. Oftentimes dark, he evokes unresolved emotions for the spectator, inviting viewers to take a walk down memory lane and revisit their own childhood.