ON VIEW: September 8th
GALLERY PARTY: Saturday September 8th /// 7pm - 10pm

Yumemi Arai’s personal passion project is an observation of this phenomenon: sharing your true self with others to celebrate your birthday, theirs and many more who will enter this world. The human form continues to be a main theme and inspiration. The viewer sees Yumemi through the perspectives of 29 artists, to celebrate her twenty-ninth year. The sense of self is blurred with a collective idea of humanness and the physical bodily challenges we face. Three years ago, Yumemi overcame a medical condition and while a successful surgery saved her life, a scar remains on her abdomen, a daily reminder of a near-death experience. For the artists who draw Yumemi, the scar contributes to her uniqueness and fragility as a human being.

Con Artist Collective & Gallery
119 Ludlow St. New York, New York 10002
Open Monday through Saturday 11am to 7pm