Screen Punch Flyer

Dates: 7/7/17 - July 17th to July 21st
GALLERY PARTY: Wednesday July 19th /// 7-11pm

The Lower East Side and New York City has always had an exciting history with screen printing. More than just Andy Warhol's famous vibrant color portraits of celebrities and political figures, screen prints were also countless band flyers, T-shirts, posters and even record album covers, whatever those are. Harken back to a not so distant past with this group show at the Con Artist Collective and relive a time when this mostly American art form and DIY aesthetic was a familiar element on street light poles, alley walls, underground magazines and music club venues.

Like 5, 7 has both positive and negative connotations in Chinese culture. For the positive side, 七 sounds like both 起 (qǐ), which means “start” or “rise”, and also 气 (qì), which means “vital energy”. Seven is also seen as a lucky number for relationships. The Qixi Festival (七夕節), also known as the Chinese Valentine's Day, falls on the 7th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar. The 7th month is also known as the “ghost month” in China, where ghosts and spirits are believed to rise from hell to visit earth. While ghosts may be seen as omens, the ghost festival in the 7th month is widely celebrated. 7 may also be considered unlucky because 七 sounds like 欺 , meaning “cheat”.

Flyer by Idle Beats Shanghai

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