ON VIEW April 29th to April 30th

Eddie is a Multi-media artist, specializing in Illustrations combined with electronic components, performance, installations and Street Art. His work focus on Interaction, both culturally and socially utilizing humor and social commentary to create entertaining and engaging artworks that bas been exhibited successfully Internationally at Art fairs and Art Biennales. This follows numerous successful solo shows in Australia. He always seeks new ventures and experimenting with new media and collaborating with others, and implementing larger of projects public art.

His work is often site specific, and often involve viewer participation with performances occurring from time to time. He wants to break the stigma of art being separate from us and our everyday lives, make it accessible and easy to grasp by the average person.

With his first ever American exhibition, Eddie used found media clippings from a previous trip to New York in 2016, and drew people from thousands of photos he took around the city. His work is ultimately aimed at entertaining but also stimulating dialogue and debate on some more serious issues. The works has a mixed media approach to them, where the media collages and backgrounds, replicate the everyday urban environment, and the drawn foreground, symbolising our everyday lives as we navigate life. Anti- Consumerism, sexism, religion and nature all plays part in the Allegorical works that Eddie draws as he studies cultures and social behavior where ever he goes.

Con Artist Collective & Gallery
119 Ludlow St. New York, New York 10002
Open Monday through Saturday 11am to 7pm