Wednesday, March 22nd /// 7-11 PM
Artwork on view March 22nd through March 24th 11am to 7pm

“I grew up thinking art was pictures until I got into music and found I was an artist and didn’t paint” - Chuck Berry

We have decided to reschedule “The Red Hats” Trump-centric group show until April and pay our respects to the recent passing of artist and musician Chuck Berry with a party. Con Artist Collective presents a one night only interactive art exhibit dedicated to the legacy and music Chuck Berry. Visitors are welcome to use our lightbox trace and pin their own drawing of Chuck to the wall. We will be hosting a silent auction of these drawings that night to raise money for local arts education charities. As funding gets cut for arts and music education, it’s up to all of us to keep non-profits dedicated to arts and music education alive! Come Wednesday, make some art, and dance with us.

Con Artist Collective & Gallery
119 Ludlow St. New York, New York 10002
Open Monday through Saturday 11am to 7pm