Dates: February 13 to February 17

Wearables: Is fashion art? It's an age old discussion but most points to yes it is. Just in time and fashionably late for the tail end of NY Fashion Week, the Wearables show at Con Artist Collective tackles art that can be worn on the body. Bring out your inner fashionista for opening night and dress to impress...or not. This is New York City. Black is always the new black here.

Featuring work by:
Dena Richardson, Melissa Dowell, Naima White, Albert Corey Washington, Jennie West, Melissa Coan, Elizabeth Devlin, Sue Karnet, Chellis Baird, Jaouad Bentama, Nicholas McManus, Kim Tateo, Andrea Rodriguez, Pharjha Elias, Tyler Kim, Omer Gal, Sayaka Ueno, Terricka Johnson.

Flyer Artwork by Omer Gal

Con Artist Collective & Gallery
119 Ludlow St. New York, New York 10002
Open Monday through Saturday 11am to 7pm