BARE - A Solo Exhibition of New Work by Ginger Del Rey

September 17 - September 18, 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 17, 8-10pm

Del Rey takes inspiration from her friends and lovers, recreating photographs she’s taken in impromptu, late-night photoshoots in saturated paintings using oils and gold leaf. Known for her revealing portraits, her new series is aptly titled BARE as it aims to strip away millennial artifice, self-aggrandizing selfie-posing, and other Kardashian-inspired atrocities. BARE is about showing a woman as she is, with nothing to hide and nothing to pretend; with all of her insecurities and strengths presented in equal parts. Del Rey invites the viewer to study their reaction to beauty without an agenda.

The artist describes her process, "I see beauty in every woman. I'm forever drawn to them, even strangers on the subway. I feel compelled to capture their radiance and reveal it to the world. To lay her BARE for all to see, to appreciate, to worship, to envy... to recognize and pay tribute to the power of beauty. I think painting a woman might be the best way to truly understand her. Spending hours studying every surface, every shade, the way her mouth curves just so or the slight expansion of her retina as her eyes adjust to the flash - she reveals herself. She may not intend to, but she always does. I feel especially close to the woman I've painted. They've fed my passion and my artwork and for that I thank them for all that they are."

Ginger Del Rey was born Lisa Hokans in Madison, WI in 1975 and has been based in NYC for 17 yrs. In 1997, she received a B.F.A. from Drake University. During her time in NYC she’s also worked as a muralist with, and as a scenic painter for numerous theatrical productions. She’s also exhibited at the Pure House Gallery in Brooklyn and at the Spice Art & Music Festival 2016 for Pride Week. Her work can be found at

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