Dates: August 12th to August 14th, 2016

Artist's Reception: Saturday, August 13 // 1­-4 p.m.
Silent Auction for any unsold work: Sunday, August 14 // 1­-4 p.m.


Inaugural solo exhibition inspired by legendary bassist Jaco Pastorius
130 Paintings and Drawings available to purchase: $5 to $5,000

NEW YORK – (July 21, 2016) In the spirit of the children’s book, “Where’s Waldo?”, JESUS, MARY, & JACO! invites viewers to search for these iconic spiritual figures hidden within the drawings and paintings on display. The show was conceived in the winter of 2016 in a small mill town in the North of England, when Wildavsky began featuring religious figures in her work, having joined a worldwide online healing forum calling on the support of dozens of figures from different religions and spiritualities.

She envisioned an exhibition where her paintings were displayed such that at first an image of Jesus is obvious and then becomes harder and harder to find until finally, "he" is intentionally left out. By then viewers would be so busy searching for Jesus that they were bound to find him regardless. Then, having trained themselves to see Jesus whether technically there or not, she anticipated that everyone would leave her exhibition and find Jesus (and Mary and Jaco amongst others) everywhere they went!

On Saturday, August 13, 1­-4 p.m., in celebration of the exhibition, there will be live musical performances by John "Jesus" Stetch/keyboard and Jen "Jacofer" Vincent/bass, There will also be live music by John and/or Jennifer Friday August 12, 7­10pm and Sunday August 14, 1­-4pm during the auction.

Trombonist Sara Wildavsky was born in Oberlin, Ohio and spent her formative years in London, England. Despite her best efforts not to let anyone diagnose her, she was eventually awarded the same “credentials” as the great late bassist Jaco Pastorius. While Jaco used to introduce himself as “The Greatest Bass Player in the world,” Wildavsky dubbed herself “The Lowest and The Slowest Trombone Girl in Town.” That, of course, was before she became "The Highest and the Fastest" painter.

See more of Wildavsky’s work at:
Con Artist Collective & Gallery
119 Ludlow St. New York, New York 10002
Open Monday through Saturday 11am to 7pm