Dates: May 25th to June 4th

The Sticker Social Club and Trippy Pins have teamed up with the Con Artist Collective to put together a show of the Artist Pin. We've now confirmed 50+ artists making enamel pins in limited edition quantities, like tiny works of collectable art. Come collect them all before they are gone.

List of Confirmed Artists: Ca$h4 $mell$, Cosbe, D.tore, Classy Screens, Wizard Skull, Michael Farfan, Elizabat, Jonah Whale, J Star, Ink, Jae-Martin, Shaina Y, Liz Trixy, TJ, Jennifer Ross, Ruben Flores, Morgan, Frank Ape, Jude + Val Lobasso, A Color Green, Dave Savage, Bettina, Daisy DLR, Buttsup, K.NOR, Primate, Menace Two, City Kids, Keah Fryer, Ken Monkey Design, Bates, D.Honda, Jennifer Ortiz, Tone Tank, Zim, Edec, Dean Millien, StickyPoP, Roy Wade and many more as we get them confirmed!

Con Artist Collective & Gallery
119 Ludlow St. New York, New York 10002
Open Monday through Saturday 11am to 7pm