NYC Street Artist Vew Solo Show

Date: Friday, August 26th /// Reception from 7-11pm

Vew is an NYC born and raised self-taught artist and well known graffiti writer. Since 2010 he has spray painted New York City's multifaceted landscape and subway system. Vew has been published in the New York Post and Complex Magazine for his graffiti’s political/social messages.

It’s no secret that graffiti has been steadily making it’s way off the streets and into galleries and the homes of collectors for the past 40 years. From Keith Haring & Basquiat in the 1980s, to Banksy’s 2006 debut in LA, or the 2016 KAWS show at the Brooklyn Museum. The line between fine art and graffiti seems to blur more every day, and the trend is not lost on those creating it.

In this series of new work meant for the gallery, Vew has taken his street-style lexicon and blown it apart into it’s most basic elements to play with. The resulting work is an explosion of color and form; sophisticated, yet preserving that original spark of dangerous fun.

"I was sad and happy. Lost, but also found. I just wanted to have fun. I wanted to hide under the covers and be a child again. This series fulfilled my need to get away from adulthood without taking the risks I normally would to escape it" - Vew, regarding his new series, 2016.

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