Dates: November 17th through November 28th
11.18.2015 Wednesday 7 to 11 /// Opening Party
11.25.2015 Wednesday 7 to 11 /// Closing Party

One of our most popular shows is returning for round 2. "Slap" is back with more of the dopest DIY stickers from New York and around the world. Stickers as graffiti have become a ubiquitous part of the urban experience. Slapped on to subway stations, pickup trucks, disconnected phone booths and bus stop print ads, stickers have allowed anyone with a sharpie and a shipping label become a full-fledged street artist. "Slap 2" will celebrate sticker culture by covering our entire gallery in the medium.

The Con Artist Collective is accepting unlimited submissions of stickers for "Slap 2". Our last New York show featured work by many well known sticker makers including Bäst, Faust, Edec, Mint & Serf, and hundreds more. We've begun to spread the gospel of slap abroad. Check out our recent edition of "Slap" in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Thanks to our SLAP: Adhesvies & Egos Sponsor Lion Beer


We've put together an incredible team, with help from Robert Aloia Outlaw Arts, Hugh Burckhardt, and Paul Arbs from Urban Hooker

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Slap 2 Press:

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p.s. We still have a few issues left of the zine Slap: Adhesives & Egos issue #1 available for $8 in our online store.

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