Dates: November 29th - December 1st 12.01.15
December 1st Tuesday 7pm to 11pm /// Reception

The winner of the People's Choice exhibition earlier this year sets up for a 3 day solo exhibition. Michel Karsouny is an artist from Lebanon with a background in Graphic design, Illustration, Fine Arts, Acting, and Music. A master mark-maker, his work is a paradox of primalism and sophistication. This show features his recent work self described as, “A visual journal of breaking from roots and exploring; a selection of my narrative leaving Lebanon, wandering through the West, finding anchor and that feeling of belonging in New York City. The result was an endless series of portraits and relationships. The work presented here is a snapshot of this transition, breaking through cultural and personal boundaries into expression and individuality. Each piece is a stepping-stone, from Beirut to the latest chapter -- New York City.”

Press: Interview w/ Michel Karsouny

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