Pre-smashed TVs, radical doll parts, fecal matter. . . can't artists just paint pictures anymore? From abstract to conceptual, from installation to bricolage, from metamodernism to zombie formalism, you can slap a label on anything, maybe even a price tag. . . but is it art?

Taking one of contemporary art’s most pressing questions as its title, this group show at the Con Artist Collective addresses the current atmosphere of our post-painting, post-postmodern art world. With an emphasis on mixed-media work that employs non-traditional materials and methods, “But is it Art?” examines the sometimes violent shift away from classical modes and features artists as bold in the visions they build as they are ruthless in the rules they break.

“But is it Art?” is curated by Josef Pinlac and includes work by artists Adriana Garces, Audrey Ryan, Bree Rubin, Carolyn Colsant, Heather Marie Scholl, Laura Tack, Marianna Peragallo, Maria Petrovskaya, Sessa Englund, Shaina Yang, Winter Mendelson, Tia Dunn, Paola Torres Nuñez Del Prado, Daniel Lamanna, James Gardella, John De La O, Josef Pinlac and Saks Afridi. Opening Party performance by Violet Elixir.

DATES: May 5th to May 15th
AT: Con Artist Collective, 119 Ludlow St.
05.13.2015 Wednesday 7 - 11pm /// Closing Party