Dates: April 21st to May 2nd
AT: Con Artist Ludlow Gallery, 119 Ludlow St.

The Greatest Albums. The ones we maintain to be classic, essential, even perfect in the face of any and all argument. Each of us has a unique and highly personal catalogue of music that we return to again and again regardless of the ways we and the times may change. For many of us the crowning touch to these albums is an unforgettable cover.

“Sound & Vision” is dedicated to the artistry of these visual statements that capture the genius, inspiration, passion and provocation of the recorded sounds they envelop. We’ve invited artists of the collective to reinterpret cover art from some of their favorite albums which span a significant range of musical styles, genres, periods and recording techniques. Count on one sure thing: the new works they’ve created will be every bit as diverse and provocative as the iconic albums they invoke.

“Sound & Vision” is curated by Bree Rubin & Pat Myers.