“Don’t Shoot” is an exhibition organized by members of the Con Artist Collective, in an attempt to deal with the recent events in Ferguson and the wider problems caused by massive inequality at an unprecedented level.

The problems of Ferguson and the subsequent societal anger, resentment and disbelief can be viewed a microcosmic cauldron of centuries of racial oppression. The scars of slavery still run deep and institutional racism is widespread. Economic slavery has replaced iron shackles with financial ones. A galling inequality and concentration of wealth and power in the few has led to a growing feeling of alienation and discontentment throughout the country and the World. Many feel that protest is the only way to change and some are calling for revolution. Whatever the solution, it’s clear that the system is not working and we all deserve better than this. “Don’t Shoot” is curated by Michael Sharp and features work by him, Bree Rubin, Vincent CY Chen, Akiko Kato, Josef Pinlac, Megan Tatem, Delfina Picchio, Nicole Salomon, Philip Ullman, Lisa Larsson, Shavon Meyers, Neil Powell, Amanda Marmor, Anthony Prince, and Audrey Ryan.

Dates: January 21st - January 31st