Art Basel Miami 2014

The Con Artist Collective was active all over Miami this year. We ran Festina Lente with Create Collect join forces with Festina Lente, a five day series of art and performance in celebration of the 2014 Art Basel in Miami. Named for the Roman maxim "To make haste slowly", Festina Lente is our tribute to the creative process. This paradoxical relationship resonates with every artist's often conflictive process, where the drive for creation battles the need for clarity. Festina Lente will feature a collection of original works by over 70 emerging artists from both collectives. Every night we'll host events including movie screenings, performances, cocktail parties, DJs and live music. Guests are invited to join our artists in the creation of a collaborative mural that will grow and change organically throughout the event.

Art Basel Miami 2014

The Con Artist Collective presented artists from our collective at the Fridge Art Fair in Little Havana, Miami. On Thursday December 4th - Sunday December 7th. 300 SW 12th Ave. Miami, FL 33130

Festina Lente Gallery December 4th - December 7th from 11am to 10pm.
AT: 116 NW 29th Street, Miami FL 33127

Festina Lente thanks our sponsors

Dates: December 3rd to 7th