“Action Figures: Objectified” showcases a special niche of artists who create sculptures inspired by the toy industry. These artists blend pop culture kingpins, ‘80s cartoon superheroes, low budget anime, and happy meal freebies into unique, ultra-cool handmade sculptural objects. Often these sculptures are cast and packaged to reference the toys you loved as a kid in a totally new context.

Con Artist will host an invite-only VIP on Wednesday, November 26th that permits an early viewing of the artwork. We will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday and re-opening for the official Black Friday Opening Party with all these awesome, toy-inspired pieces, and perhaps a great opportunity to find unique holiday gifts.

“Action Figures: Objectified” features work by SUCKADELIC, Wizard Skull, Tone Tank, Sean Gallagher, HEALEYMADE, Dean Millien and Weird Luke.

Interview with Suckadelic and Weird Luke Bedford and Bowery

Gallery Open Monday - Saturday 11am to 7pm (or later)
Dates: November 26th - December 6th