A disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant: disease. Disease, in all of its forms, is one of the most powerful, terrifying, perplexing, consuming, and dividing aspects of the human experience. It's often intangible, sometimes imperceivable, and causes an internal shift in perspective both physically and psychologically. These minute mutations overwrite patterns and interfere with nature’s systems on a cellular level, revealing the fragility of our existence.

Con Artist presents Dis•truct•ure, a show that explores the fragility of existence and the disturbances of an earthly mortality, as well as the transcendence of it, by examining themes of pattern, repetition, mutation, ritual, and spirituality surrounding the natural decay caused by disease. Examination of these themes not only helps to cope with the suffering that can be brought by disease, but also allows us to be hopeful and celebrate the tenacity of cycles and life in all of its forms. Featuring work from artists: Marianna Peragallo, She Is Honey Brown, Ikuko H, Josef Pinlac, Carol McLennan, Christopher Tandy, Anna Fawcus, Scott Andrews, Bree Rubin, MOR, Zaria Poem, Judy Choi, Jessica Patrick, Flavia D’Urso, Gertrude Berg.

Dates November 12th - November 19th 2014