“Just Politics” is a multimedia art show that takes an aggressive stance in looking at social and cultural issues. It analyzes war, the LGBTQ community, class, racism, and an takes an in-depth view of headline events and political figures using the lens of contemporary art.

This show is more than an editorial. The diverse artists represented reflect on personal experiences in politically charged environments including childhoods in volatile nations, forced migrations, and conflict with an increasingly digitized government. This show features work by Elsa Fraysse, Adriana J. Garces, Andrew Arnett, Chelsea Rae Klein, Daz Chandler, Deedee DeGelia, Honey Brown, Kirstin Chappell, Sonja Lessley, Qinza Najm, and Alex Christopher Williams.

DATES: 09.02.2014 - 09.13.2014