Con Artist presents “Starrcade”, a show about anything and everything related to Professional Wrestling. Seriously. We’re a fine art gallery and we’re having a show about piledrivers, shiny spandex masks, TKOs, and endless tag-team smackdowns. “Starrcade” features work by 10 artists who aren’t trying to be ironic or poke fun at low-brow culture. They’re die hard wrestling superfans who grew up with the sport’s colorful characters and outrageous storylines.

And why shouldn’t we have a wrestling show? The mixture of high art and low art has been fueling the arts for the last century. What is professional wrestling but a gigantic, blue collar performance art piece? Wrestling has an immediately recognizable aesthetic that isn’t quite like anything else. It’s colorful, melodramatic, and flashy. It isn’t afraid to put common ethnic and gender stereotypes on parade.

Artists: Daniel "The Dutch Master" Lamanna, Gabriel "Ace" Ventura, Patrick "Mr. Imperfect" Myers, Bunny Lee, Josef "El Surrealiste" Pinlac, John "El Guapo" De La O, Rachel "Ratchet Rabbies" Covert, Enzo "The American Popper", Sarah "Chicken" Wang, Wizard "Wizard Skull" Skull

DATES: 8.19.14 - 8.30.14