Our culture presents, through the spectacle of media, architecture and propaganda, an image of seductive beauty and elegance. Beneath this glossy veneer is the stark reality of a world predicated on sadistic, exploitative, and parasitic dynamics. “Buggin’ Out” explores the gloomy side of existence through a visual study of society’s lowest life forms: the bed bugs, cockroaches and vermin who inhabit the fringe of, yet are ubiquitous to, our lives. It’s a meditation upon the aquiline beauty of the insect form as well as, symbolically, upon the soul of humanity and the spiritual crisis it faces at this present juncture.

Artists Sonja Lessley, Andrew Arnett, John Arzayus, and Sarah Wang present a unique perspective of this tiny world that is actually psychologically huge, often dreadful, often beautiful, and also plays a constant role in our lives and the universal ecosystem. They share an obsession with bugs, how they surround our everyday existence, are necessary for our survival, and in an apocalyptic age may perhaps outlive and take the place of us all.

Vernissage Blog reviews Buggin' Out

Dates: June 3rd to 21st