Christopher Tandy and Patrick Grzelewski present two unique visions of the isolation, connections, pain, joy, loss, and discovery inherent in the psychology of human development. They deal with both the divisions and commonalities that exist within consciousness and growth in the natural world. It's often frustrating that subjectivity is characteristically at odds with the human body's tangible progression of physical changes. This creates an ever more complicated relationship with the planet's intricate biology and the evolving cultural institutions of humanity. "You Belong in an Expand World" highlights the consequences of existence in a growing universe.

Featuring Artwork from Christopher Tandy & Patrick Grzelewski

Dates: June 24th to July 12th
06.25.2014 Wednesday 8 til 11pm /// Opening Party
07.02.2014 Wednesday 8 til 11pm /// Gallery Night
07.09.2014 Wednesday 8 til 11pm /// Closing Party