“Venus Rx vs. Moon Uranus” presents a series of reflections on recent astrological events. The retrograde (Rx) motion of Venus happens only once every 18 months while a Moon Uranus opposition happens every month. Vanessa Cleary curates a spectacle of relationships, materialism, values, beauty, and addiction to all of the above, in contrast with a full detachment and detox from the whole.

A group show about love and a love show about freedom, “Venus Rx vs. Moon Uranus” is not necessarily about free love or orgies. The retrograde Venus inspires a rehashing and revisiting of love and security matters while looking inward toward values. A Moon Uranus opposition reminds us to respect our independence. This collection of works by various local, regional, and international artists moves fast at Con Artist 119 Ludlow February 16th and 17th.

DATES: 02.16.2014 - 02.17.2014