Come roam the dark labyrinths of contemporary nihilism and reproducible media. Simulacra and simulation and impossible exchange, infinite reflections. The insatiable void, the sinking feeling post-black-friday-rampage… ENDLESS is anti-Bieber, pro-Miley; ENDLESS is the majesty of youtube sensations, eternity whispered through screenshotz.

Incorporating the Con Artist Collective as well as selected artists who can’t help but engender all that is ENDLESS.

AT: Con Artist Gallery, 119 Ludlow St. Tuesday - Saturday: 11am to 6pm
January 07 - 25, 2013

Gallery Night Parties
1.08.2014 Wednesday 7-11pm /// Opening Party:
when u freak out, freak back in live performance by Sean Joseph Patrick Carney at 10pm
1.15.2014 Wednesday 7-11pm /// Gallery Night
1.22.2014 Wednesday 7-11pm /// Closing Party