Lädy Millard is an artist and a movement. Lädy appropriates common iconography not only to claim her power, but also to reference the pervasive force of its imagery. She incorporates the environment to manipulate reality and questions the very definition of "Lädy." LUXURY (a demise of culture and class) silently equates terrorism with luxury and the decay of today’s cultural values. Selected works range from 2D to digital.

Lädy Millard has been spreading her street anthropology since 2001 and in recent years has displayed work throughout the streets of NYC, San Francisco, even as far as New Zealand. Although trained in different schools including the Art Students League, The High School of Art and Design and The Fashion Institute of Technology, Lädy refers to herself as an untrained artist because of her social experiences while attending these institutions. Recent exhibitions include 111 Minna and other group shows across the country.

DATES: 09.18.2013 - 10.02.2013