Exposed at CultureFix, Con Artist considers nudity in the spirit of 19th century French Academic Salons. Whether shamelessly flaunting or leaving a bit to the imagination, members invite you to an inherently private show. Undoubtedly the starkest, most genuine, and uncomfortably honest exhibition of the summer. The nude figure is a trope in art history, as both subject and metaphor. Why? Necessity, narcissism, intimate understanding - maybe even boredom... Regardless, Con Artists stand here in the buff, and for so much more.

Organized by Sessa Englund. Participating artists: Nicole Salomon, Elizabeth Knowlton, Lädy Millard, Geoff Green, Shaina Yang, Cynthia K. Cortes, Matt Smoak, Scott Andrews, Liaizon Wakest, Aprajita Anand, Ryan Wijayaratne, Lisa Hokans, Sarah Wang, Christopher A Quizhpe, Saroj Patel, Julia Pascone, Elke Reva Sudin, Alexandra Darby, Jon Mann, Daniel Lamanna, Sonja Lessley, Ko Smith, Tag Brum, Eric Steginsky, Rebecca Sherman, Miriam Braverman, Miranda Nichols, Michael Sharp, Joseph Pinlac, Maria Petrovskaya, Anna Fawcus, AR+PJ=MDP$$YTAT$, and George Foreman.

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AT: Superchief Gallery at CultureFix
9 Clinton St, NY NY 10002

DATES: 09.17.2013 - 09.22.2013