The intersection between the two artists, ▲NIM▲LI▲ touches on imaginations unknown, crossing boundaries in the unconscious realm of lines, white and black. Proportionless figures fight the constraint of the blank page. In the mind of colorful chaos, playful figures and dark dreams fight and play and fuck their way through life. Playing make-believe with old-world souls and new-world behaviors. We become our own gods though the lens of a baby snail.

Conie Vallese was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and initially developed her artistic abilities from observing her grandmother's acrylics, her father's sculptural experiments, and her mother's Louis XVI-esque affinity for decorating. She studied visual arts at The University of Buenos Aires and attended drawing workshops with Martin Kovensky.

Liaizon Wakest has proudly been exploring the universe since 1987. It has been much easier for him than for previous generations, since the inception of legs. He is an unknowing and unlearned self-defined creationist, blindly making things out of other things for no reason at all.

DATES: 08.21.2013 - 09.04.2013