Only the dopest DIY stickers from NYC and the rest of the world, all up in Con Artist. Featuring artists like Sure & Faust, Edec, and many more (who will go unnamed), *Slap* shows love to intricate brilliance on unassuming little rectangles. The painstakingly oblique 'S', the idolized references in a 'K' - chiseled out with precision. From favela walls to urban street lights, these tiny pieces battle for supremacy amongst the "se renta quarto"s and the neon. With dedication, courage and commitment they leave their indelible mark on the world. Stickers might not endure the ferocity of weather, the passage of time, or urban clean-up programs. But, with exemplary effort and style, they stick in our city’s memory. A limited edition zine will accompany the exhibit and be for sale at the gallery.

Street Art NYC
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Mass Appeal
Hip Hop Pot Head
Bowery Boogie
Exclusive Kat

DATES: 03.13.2013 - 04.03.2013