Our seed is the core
(The core is our essence)
Our seed is growing roots
But we forget

We deny
We strive for deconstruction
from which is necessarily born: reformation
reforming and reshaping a vision: visionary -
But don't feign, don't fling out hyper-representative caricatures.

Feed the seed with soil, allow it to root, to nourish and to flourish
And once the seed flourishes in the rich soil
don't ignore it.
Allow the abstract essence and make it your own magic,
your tool, your instrument.

My thoughts, rooted in nature, are the entity of my work.
Roots, Wilderness, (Chaos) - Existence
Plants grow and die.

I’m the seed,
The creation is the soil,
The process is the root,
The painting is the plant,

The painting is the seed,
The process is the soil,
The creation is the plant,
I’m the root.

As in our civilization we built walls (Order).
We are confronted with frontiers (Society).
These walls know not of the pure root of existence.

I, as a painter, depict both the pains and joys
of seeking out and growing closer to our roots.

- Laura Tack

Press: Pink Pig NYC

DATES: 01.30.2013 - 02.13.2013