Through moonscapes, soundscapes, and other bleak terrains, Natania Frydman reflects on both interior and exterior topographies. She maps out memory loss, problematizes the fine line between optimism and escapism. With unusual fluidity, Frydman translates thoughts into materials, and communicates her impressions through immersive installations. (Glass, for example, is analogous to memory in that it takes up space despite translucence, in its presence but never insistence, and its interactions with light). Exploring concepts before considering aesthetic, creating rather than depicting, her work is truthfully organic. The multi-media collaboration which at once involves the most man-made technology (Google Earth, projections, digitally created sounds, etc.) is perhaps the most natural as layers and layers of organization coalesce back into a lovely abstraction.

DATES: 01.09.2012 - 01.23.2012