Michael Sharp is an artist and curator whose current work explores the importance of myth in the secular society. Drawing upon his commercial background in both aesthetic and practice, his work is often collaborative and combines installation, costume, theatre, music, video and photography. Sharp is co-founder and curator of Wasted Spaces – an art organization specializing in creative curation in order to bring quality art to new places and people.

Scott Lowe is a photographer working in both fashion and art. Known for his considered compositions and willingness to experiment with the medium of photography his work can at seem rather diverse with an underlying themes of feminism and equality.

Lost Mirrors is the first in a series of collaborative works in which Sharp explores the role of ritual, ceremony and myth in todays world. Mythological stories have been told throughout human existence as a way of making sense of the world and our place in it. The same mythological themes reoccur in the spiritual and folk traditions of the past and the major religions of today. Carl Jung describes these universal mythological motifs as projections of the collective unconscious.

These works investigate past, present and future rituals in order to find a place for them in a secular society.

DATES: 08.01.2012 - 08.15.2012