You’re My Favorite is a collection organized by Koosuke “IRKT” Ikeda, featuring new works by and collaborations between IRKT, Go Nakamura, Brian Shevlin, Ryan Wijayaratne, and Dean Millien.

IRKT [i-ru-ku-to] stands for Individual Relative K(C)ontradiction Theory. Koosuke IRKT explains that growing up alternately in the US, the UK, France, and Japan lead him to embrace the inherent fragmentation. Only by revealing the paradoxes within an individual can any meaningful concept of “self” form. Your vision of yourself contradicts your friend’s vision, which probably contradicts your mom’s vision, which hopefully contradicts your landlord’s vision, and so on. Identity is found in the aggregation of these inconsistencies. IRKT tries to reconcile the fractures, piecing together the subjective and objective into a surreal jigsaw puzzle.

What better time than the re-opening of the Ludlow Con Artist to host a collaborative show? Location and environment shift, but consonance is boring. Dissonance and contradictions are far more relevant. You’re My Favorite is a mosaic - there’s grout between the pieces is integral to the aesthetic.

DATES: 06.13.2012 - 06.27.2012