Improvise Combustion features new works and collaborations by and between Michael Miyahira (aka Mike Ming), Chris Mendoza, Naomi Kazama, Kenji Hirata, and Pablo Power. The show likens the visual medium to a group jazz ensemble. For this particular session, soloists perform as do band-like units, an opportunity to re-unite and re-ignite collaborative connections. Neither head nor tail, but rather an organic landscape, a visual sound-scape, a story of improvisational magicians. The show is about unity, society and collaboration among old friends from different parts of the world. Some are friends from childhood, with shared experiences that run deep, some remain separated by physical proximity and time. Despite a decade of collaborating, somehow in all this time, this particular group has never fully connected for a collaborative show, until now...

AT: 154 Smart Clothes Gallery
164 Suffolk Street

DATES: 05.26.2012 - 06.13.2012