Leah Foster installs over 10,000 cupcakes at Con Artist Gallery...

Why do guilty pleasures have to leave you feeling guilty? Why can't cupcakes be pure pleasure? Foster is both intrigued and repulsed by the miniature cake. Its perfection is tempting, but the consequences of indulging hinder her ability to fully savor the dessert, loaded as it is with gender-specific ingredients.

This body of work uses the cupcake as a means of exploring gendered body image expectations fashioned by the mass media. Foster uses cupcake batter and frosting to glaze the surface of the gallery. The batter functions as paint, yet never attempts to hide its identity as a food product. In exposing the duality of the cupcake, Foster questions expectations of the human form.

Like Felix Gonzales Torres and Rirkrit Tiravanija, who also work with food products, Foster allows the viewer to interact with the piece, and thus with the food, on an unfamiliar level. In line with Tino Sehgal, Foster hopes to abandon the art object, in favor of the situational event and experience of the viewer.

DATES: 10.27.2010 - 11.10.2010

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Check out a video of the installation here