Artist Spotlight - Mixed Media Residency Artist Anthony Gelfand on body as inspiration

Artist Spotlight - Mixed Media Residency Artist Justine Morrow on body as inspiration

Artist Spotlight - Mixed Media Residency Artist Adrian Bermeo

Artist Spotlight - Eddie Botha makes art that is meant to be touched.

Artist Spotlight - Narcossist sadly passed away Friday February 24th. We'll be sharing more info about his life and memorial soon. Rest In Paint brother

Artist Spotlight - Jane Zweibel preparing for "Swimmers / A Year In the Life"

Artist Spotlight - Tom Fleming on community and London v.s. New York

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Artist Spotlight - Introduction to Kayo Albert

Artist Spotlight - Gabriella Cerqueira and her politically charged photography

Artist Spotlight - Simon Cooper

Rainer interviews Con Artist member Mangda, during her project of creating one-hundred collages by the end of 2016.

Artist Spotlight - Andrea Cook, an artist who creates her work surrounding "Pussy Power."

Rainer interviews John Milisenda, a Lower East Side photographer about his photographing process and history.

Rainer interviews NYC artist A Color Green and finds out a lot.

Artist Spotlight - Nick McManus's group instant polaroid photo project.

Artist Spotlight - Beryl Davieson about the language of animals and the isolation that can come from being an artist.

Artist Spotlight - Emil Tibell hails from Sweden

Poppy interviews Giuliana Ruiz about her creative process and the work featured in "Patriartsy."

Artist Spotlight on Jason Mamarella, an active local NYC artists involved for the past 20+ years.

Artist Spotlight on Con Artist Collective member Dan Rosen, by Equator Productions.

Artist Spotlight Interview with Daniel Lamanna, for his show " Midnight Confessions " at the Con Artist Collective.