00 Con Artist — Con Artist Collective

The Con Artist Collective opened in 2010, and membership to the collective is only $5 a month. Create your account anytime at conartistcollective.com

Access to our creative coworking space includes:
photo studio + lighting
drop sink with power washer
wood shop
power tools
computers (incl. CC,iD,Premier etc)
4 color silk screen press
screen exposure unit
free wifi (T3 Line)
multiple work tables/private nooks
lockable personal storage units
artwork storage
exhibition space
mobile meeting/private booth
community supplies
plus our biggest asset- 245+ artist network
regular gallery shows
regular members only events

LIMITED ACCESS PLANS: (no contracts, no commitments)
$35 one day
$99 7 consecutive days

$400/month Artist in residence w/ storage 24/7/365