$20 Postcard Art Show Invite

Con Artist would love for you to be part of our second $20 Postcard Artwork Show!

The first show was a huge success so do not miss this chance to contribute, check out some press from our 2015 show: 2015 Bedford & Bowery Press

POSTCARD SHOW ON VIEW: June 26th to June 30th 2017
OPENING RECEPTION​ PARTY​: Wednesday June 28th, 7 – 11pm

Inspiration for the show comes from the Bread and Puppet Theater Cheap Art Manifesto
“Art is food! You can’t eat it, but it feeds you. Art has to be cheap and available to everybody.“ -Bread and Puppet Theater, Glover Vermont, 1984

How to be involved:

1) Create ​1 - 5 original artworks the size of a postcard, exactly 4x6 inches. The art must be original and handmade, no “pre-printed“ cards (screen printed or similar is ok). As a special consideration for this show, please consider signing the back of the pos​tcard, as part of the concept of this show is that guests are encouraged to purchase artwork that they like, and not buying because of the name of the artist. We will however list all participating artists on our wall, in marketing emails and flyers.

Drop off or send submissions to arrive by ​Friday​, June 23rd to:

Con Artist Collective
119 Ludlow St.
New York, New York, 10002

2) All art works will be sold at $20 each, although we have plans to sell some special bulk and discount packs as part of promotions about making art affordable to the public and art lovers. The artists will be paid $10 for every sold piece. Payouts will be completed by July 17th 2017, so please make sure to provide your payment details with the submission. Postcards that are not sold must be picked up by July 10th 2017. Please consider including a return stamped envelope in to return unsold submissions or let us know if you would like to donate unsold works to the collective. Donated works will NOT be sold.

3) Bring in artwork unframed as we will be supply a uniform small 4x6 frame for each piece. Ensure to write your name and info on the back of each postcard as well as orientation so we know which way is up.

Also check our website for updated info, and feel free to invite everyone to the facebook event page

The quick list of confirmed artists this far:
Greg Mishka, DEK 2DX, Yai, Tom Bold, Atomiko, Robots Will Kill, Ivette Urena, Hektad, Ader, Wizard Skull, Albert Diaz, Soreinfest, Al Saulso, Chris Mendoza, Exoned Stickers, JSTAR, Sfauno, ZROPRO, Pillasbros, Goomba, Chow Mein, Jason Martinez, Ian Kualii, Hiss xx, Serenity Smith, A Lucky Rabbit, Yes Yes It's Blessed, BluDog, Brittany Campbell, E-Jay, Curb Your Ego, Scott Dyer, Robyn Song, Gazoo to the moon, Grimace, Danny nero3 Ortega, Kerry NYC, Nkone, Catherine Anderson, Jason Roose, Rage, Debt Money, Royce Bannon, Sharpy, SD, Johnnyinparis, Lurk, Christy Bencosme, Sofa Ghost, Liunic, goatbunny, Astism, Diego_127, Adage, Poppet, Rachel Robeson Adler, Luvone, Adriana J Garces, Noter, Alex Romaro, Angelonce, Arrex Skulls, Sally Yerin Oh, ArtweAll, Joubert Raakwys, Moe Anderson, TSF, Ashley Macias, Bare Bonez, Smiley The Rager, Holly Simple, Becsart, Bernstah, Shana Pederson, Maloverse, Cist One, Ebody Vee, queenkongswitzerland, Cones, Richie, RH Doaz, Drew, EL Toro, Daisy Rosetti, Tone Tank, Erica Johnson, Buttsup, Naked Naks, Hello Kitska, Imamaker, Intellegent Outcasts, Elizabeth Brice-Heames, Me, Ike Sanchez, James Orchard-Hays, Undead, Penny Pinch, Jennie West, Taylor Vranish, Serenity, Jonny Real, Jan, Jude Lobasso, Val Lobasso, junkyard, King Bee, Leaf, L. CooL, jenny lane , Miguel Ibarra, Originative Creations, Sabin De Pierro, Phil, Smurfo udirty, Snakeyjakie, Daniel Rodriguez, Fobia, The Sketch Company, Cycy Punkero, RICHelDIOS, Pez, UR?, Kim Tateo, Inmmezzure, Airrat, Andrea Cook, Josef Pinlac, MOR, Benjamin, Clarke, Derti The Ripper, Jill Gewirtz, Dega, One Tooth, Jason Mamarella, Jose Baez, Trice, Umii, Nite Owl, Jcorp, David Baker, Cool666...
***If you don't see your name in the list, we're likely still getting it updated

If you know any other artists that you think would be interested in being involved in this unique group show, please feel free to forward this email and have them contact us. Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to getting you involved.


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